Saturday, May 10, 2014

Easy Street, another Bonnie Hunter mystery complete

If it weren't for Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt projects, I know I would never have attempted some of the quilts I've made, let alone started a "BLOG" !

One of the things Bonnie likes us to do as part of the

Orca Bay
mysteries is to link images we post to her blog, back to our own blog. Before Orca Bay, I didn't have a blog, and didn't feel a need for one, but did it anyway!

The first Bonnie Mystery I did was "Orca Bay" - so that was when I started this Blog.

The next mystery was "Easy Street" but I didn't finish it right away due to an injury.

Then came Celtic Solstice, which I completed the flimsy and quilting before "Easy Street"
Celtic Solstice

Easy Street & Celtic Solstice flimsy hanging over patio door

Now I have Easy Street Completed!

 This quilt finished at 97"  square, not enough to provide for a pillow wrap ( which I didn't want anyway),on this queen size bed,  but I did want to have a finished look, so I made the pillow cases, first time ever for doing cases, but they were so easy using a Hot Dog Pillow Case tut I found on the internet thanks to the great quilter friends on "The Quilting Board". In true scrappy style - the green prints on the pillow cases do not match, but the color is the same - the 2 border colors are the same are the same as I used in the quilt border.

Easy Street with (semi) matching pillow cases

Quilting Easy Street on my Sunshine 16

Quilting Detail

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  1. Thanks for showing your quilting on your Sunshine 16-- it looks great!!