Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nearing the Finish Line ~ Flimsy Complete!

I'm feeling pretty good today - I finished the quilt top!

I completed the final border this morning, made me so happy, now I'm mentally planning the border to put on  2 other "Bonnie" quilts that have been in the works for a while, Easy Street and a Scrappy Trip Around the World.

Here's the whole thing, hanging over my patio door, thus the light coming through in some areas.
I don't quite know yet how I'll finish off the back and binding on this one, I think I'll let it hang over the patio door for a while to see what ideas I may come up with.
As always, it's been fun watching the others that follow Bonnie's Mysteries progress through each step and produce their own masterpiece in Bonnie's colors, or by adding their own twist and using their own color pallet.
You can check out other "Quilt Artists" through Bonnie's Site.
I am linking up with other mystery quilters at the Celtic Solstice Finale , check it out!

Working on the final steps of the quilt I enjoyed a couple books on the I-pod. Three Weeks with my Brother is by the author that wrote The Notebook among many other titles, as I listened to the book, I thought of  growing up with my friends and family, and family trips over the course of my life - a very special book. Another was audio book "Juliet" which was very entertaining as well.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful and congrats on completing your flimsy!

  2. Your quilt looks good, congratulations on getting the top finished. And now the quilting! That's always the most daunting part for me.

  3. Your Celtic Solstice is beautiful! Great job.